Guide to Mutual Fund Investing April 2018 (PDF) -

A Guide to Mutual Fund Investing HELPING YOU REACH YOUR FINANCIAL GOALS. Millions of investors find mutual funds a good option for their long-term

Understanding Variable Annuities - Morgan Stanley

MORGAN STANLEY | 2018 1 Understanding Variable Annuities April 2018 This reference document is provided by Morgan Stanley1 solely to provide a general overview of variable annuities.

EY - Understanding ASPE Section 1540

Understanding ASPE Section 1540, Cash Flow Statement | 3 3 Question What is the difference between an operating, investing and financing activity? 4 Question The three different types of activities$FILE/EY-Understanding_ASPE_Section_1540.pdf

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See where you stand today. The first step is to meet with a J.P. Morgan. Financial Advisor, who will get to know you and . understand your financial life by reviewing

Understanding Your Brokerage and Investment Advisory ...

JULY 2017 Depending on your needs and your investment objectives, your Financial Advisor may assist you with brokerage services, investment advisory services, or both.

Understanding Our Brokerage and Investment Advisory Services

Understanding Our Brokerage and Investment Advisory Services

SEC Custody Rule ‘No-Action’ -

2 Key definitions Q1. What is custody? A. An investment advisor is said to have custody when they are holding a client’s funds or securities, directly or indirectly, or have the authority to obtain possession of them.


Lincoln Financial Group is the marketing name for Lincoln National Corporation and its affiliates. Page 1 of 3 AN07301 4/12 The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company (“Company”)